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504 and IEP for Parents

Convergence Insufficiency is a learning disability, so if your student is diagnosed with CI, she/he should be eligible for school accommodations through an IEP or a 504 plan. 

         Once your child has been tested and determined that to have CI, the next step is working with the school to create either an Individualized Education Program (IEP) plan or a Section 504 plan. These special education plans will give your child accommodations in the classroom and on test. I have provided links to resources that already exist and do a much better job of explaining the basics of the special education system than I ever could.

What is an Individualized Education Program (IEP)?

What is a Section 504 Plan?

What are the differences between an IEP and a 504?


Convergence Insufficiency can fall into either category.

Here are some accommodations that may be helpful for students with CI:

  • Extra time (time and a half) on tests and assessments

  • Extensions on projects or assignments

  • Homework modification or extension

  • Preferential seating (in the front, middle of the classroom)

  • Not using scantrons (bad for people who get overwhelmed by visual information or have scanning issues)

  • Access to teacher notes if available

  • Extra breaks on tests (especially standardized tests)

This PDF from Minnesota's department of education that does a pretty good job of explaining what CI is, how it is treated, and what schools can do to accommodate and help students struggling with CI. Page 5 is especially good information for teachers to know about so they can help a student struggling with CI. 

Here is the PDF

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