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Classroom Modifications

Teachers can do a lot to help decrease the impact of Convergence Insufficiency on a student's learning.

One of the most important things teachers know about CI is that it can not be treated in the same way near or farsightedness is treated. Being nearsighted or farsighted is an eyesight problem, whereas Convergence Insufficiency is a vision problem.

* Functional vision involves your ability to see an object in space, and includes visual skills such as eye movements, eye teaming, eye focusing and depth perception.
* Eyesight involves your ability to see an object clearly from a certain distance. Testing eyesight uses a standard eye chart, and results in an eyesight measurements such as “20/20 eyesight.”

Here are some sources for teachers on how to help a student with Convergence Insufficiency:

Some fairly simple classroom modifications:

This one has information about accommodations for students with visual processing problems starting at the bottom of page 4:

This has a comprehensive list on page 5:

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