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Infographic was created as a resource for people with Convergence Insufficiency. It seeks to provide information about the condition for students, parents, educators, and anyone has CI, as well as build a community for people with CI to share their experiences and connect with others.

This infographic is a good overview of what Convergence Insufficiency is:

Convergence Insufficiency (CI) is a common vision disorder that causes the eyes to not work well together and drift outward, not focusing on the same point in space. This can create two overlapping images or double vision when reading or doing close work.

To prevent double vision, an individual has to exert extra effort to make their eyes turn back in (converge) and focus on the page. This extra effort can lead to a number of frustrating symptoms that interfere with the ability to read and work comfortably at near distances.

Convergence Insufficiency affects as many as 1/20 people, but most people are unaware that they have this condition, as some cases may be mild while other cases may have a big impact on a person's daily life.

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